Updates On Jonathan

This is the ongoing update list for those of you who have been following my progress in life. Thank you for caring about and loving me.

May 10,1998-Great news...I have progressed far enough in my Gross Motor Skills that Jim (my PT) says I don't need to see him anymore. I am really gettin' around now and he is very satisfied with my advancements. I'll miss him though...we really had alot of fun playing together.

May 18,1998-More good news....Dr. Bechtel (eye Dr.) checked my eyes out today and there is no need for glasses at this time.

May 19,1998-Went to see Dr. Roscoe (Ear Dr.) today. My ears are improving some and he wants to wait and see about tubes.

June 9,1998- Had my OT today with Cindy. Did really good, was so full of myself. she is proud of how much I'm learning and how quickly. Think I have her fooled.

June 25,1998-OT again today. Did a three block tower (a big accomplishment, [dad}) today nad played with alot of really neat toys. Cindy was happy with my progress.

June 29, 1998-Saw Dr. Roscoe again. My left ear is all clear and the right looks really good too. Looks like I might beat those tubes yet.

July 2,1998-Cindy was here again. Built a 5 block tower today with ease. She is catching on to me I think. Also learned peek-a-boo, it's pretty cool.

July 21,1998- Had a home visit today. Finally going to start speech. I'm anxious to speak my mind, my parents are too dumb to understand my hand signals.

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