Ever see a graphic on a web site and wish you could put it on yours? Here is how you can obtain graphics, gifs, and such off various web sites with WebTv.
(1) Find the URL (page address) for the site that has the graphic and copy it down.
(2) Insure your options key has the reload function set before proceeding, and that you have the FTP address for your host. (You will need it later!).
(3) Go to Doctor HTML , go to single page analysis, then enter the URL where requested.
(4) Then click on image analysis, and short test. After the results appear, scroll up until you reach the url for the graphic you wanted. Write it down.
(5) Now go to
(6) Go to the TL page, enter the info as requested, and hit transload. (HINT: Change the name of the graphic to something you will remember).
(7) Thats about it. Follow these steps and you can get almost any graphic that is posted on a web site and use it on your own. There are other varifiers and transloaders you may use, but these work best for me.