Welcome to the Quoted Text Hint Page

Using quoted text in Newsgroups is helpful in making your posts flow better, but requires a little effort to use. Below is the procedure to use it in posting to NG's. Good luck and have fun Webbin' it.

To utilize "quoted text" you must do the following:

After Pasting the text you wish to quote on your reply page, giving it the "Quoted" appearence is simple.

First, go to the second line of text you want to quote. Hit "Delete" key one time, then hit "Return" key ("Enter" on wired keyboard). This puts a "Hard Return" on each line of text. Continue down your text, doing this for each line of text you wish to quote.

When you reach the last line of text, at the left margin, in front of the first word, enter the right arrow ">". Hit the up arrow key, repeat entering the right arrow key ">" at the start of each line until you reach the first line of your quoted text.

That's it! Simple, and with the advent on Cut & Paste, it makes posting to NG's alot more pleasent and easier. Good luck and have fun. Any further questions feel free to contact me and I will try to help (if I have managed to confuse you) at JJsdad.


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