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******************************************************* mbooth03@Counsel.COM (MBooth) Date: Mon, Dec 28, 1998 HI All,                I've gone through the posts that are on the internet site, and I think I already know most of you from LIMBO. My name is Candy. I'm married to Mike and we had twin girls on 5/20/97. They were born by c-sect at 28 weeks due to suspected TTTS. Casey was born first at 1 lb, 15.5 oz, and then Samantha, at 2 lb 14.5 oz.                Both were doing very well, (Casey better than Samantha) until the 14th day when Casey started having some A's & B's. Infection was suspected and she was started on antibiotics. Although the dr's all said that she would be ok, she died the next day, as she was being taken off the vent at our request. The infection had gotten into her blood stream. The infection caused her system to shut down. We saw her go through seizures and watched her pulse ox drop to the point where they just turned off the machine.                Samantha came home 7/2/97 after spending 44 days in the NICU, and causing a scare herself a week after we buried her sister. She is now healthy and developmently caught up. She is the light of our lives. Her smile can brighten up the darkest day.                Dh & I finally started going to a counselor when Sam was about a year old. It has helped tremendously with the grief and especially the anger. I am weaning off the prozac, and have felt pretty good for a few months now. I still miss my daughter, and it still seems almost surreal that she is not here, but I am not so depressed. It is hard to explain.                Samantha is still too young to really know about her sister, but she likes looking at "the babies" in my locket. Whenever she sees them, she laughs. It is really starting to bother me now that she will never have a built in playmate, just her age. She loves being with other kids, and sometimes I think she gets lonely when she is just with us on the weekends.                Well, this has gotten longer than I anticipated. I hope you all had a good holiday.                                                               Candy *******************************************************