Just two months after my husband had returned from the Gulf War we found out I was pregnant. We were really surprised because before the war we had tried to concieve for two years.

My pregnancy was difficult from day one. I had horrible morning sickness, I was dehydrated several times a week and required IV therapy. I was measuring large from the beginning--but instead of having an ultrasound I was put on a diet! I was so miserable and sick. I finally went to the OB clinic to see a REAL Doctor. Up to this point I was only seen by a nurse practitioner. Being an Army hospital so soon after Saudi, there were hundreds of babies due at the same time as I was.

The Doctor I saw finally had answers. I had high blood pressure, preeclampsia,asthma, and severe dehydration. An ultrasound was scheduled for the following week. On October 28,1991, I had my first ultrasound. We were amazed to see a minature human being on the screen. The Doctor said it was a boy. Everything looked perfect. Suddenly he got very quiet. As he moved across my belly, you could see a head and then an empty space and then another head! It was twins! The Doctor looked surprised then said I needed to find a civilian Doctor, because of Desert Storm the hospital only had room for normal pregnancies, they were not accepting high risk.

I was referred to a pair of OB's, Dr's H. & C., that specialized in high risk pregnancies. I was Dr. H.'s patient but rarely saw him. Most of my appointments were with Dr. C.

By November 16, I was on on complete bed rest. In December, at about 32 weeks, I went into labor. I spent five days in the hospital, Dr. C. sent me home with a prescription for Yutopar, and instructions to remain on bedrest. I continued to have contractions and was monitored every other day.

I had a C-section scheduled for January 22. We prayed that day would arrive quickly. Yet the days seemed to go by so slowly. On January 8,1992, I had a routine doctors appointment. Dr. H. seemed very rushed. He quickly got both heartbeats and sent me on my way. The next day I had very strong contractions and nothing helped. We went to the hospital and I was taken to L&D right away.

The nurses began searching for the heartbeats. The first one was easy to find, but the second one just wasn't there. They all took turns, then called my doctor. Still no second heartbeat. He ordered a sedative for me and an ultrasound for the morning. On January 10,1992, I had my ultrasound at 9:00 a.m.. All I remember is the ultrasound tech saying "Come on little guy, give me a breath". Then she got really quiet and wouldn't answer any of my questions. When I got back to my room a nurse told me I'd have my C-section that day and they needed to prep me. I was so happy! I'd get to see my precious babies! My husband went to call his boss and Dr. C. came in to talk to me. Without any warning he said, "I think we lost one. Baby B looks ok, but there is no heartbeat for Baby A. We need to section you now." He asked me if I had any questions. I just shook my head. If I had opened my mouth, I would have screamed. When my husband returned to the room Dr.C. told him what had happened. He response was "OK, do what you need to do to save the other one."

Ryan Edward, my precious angel, was born at 11:44 a.m. He was 4 lbs. and 18 in. long. Jennifer Marianna was born at 11:45 a.m. She was 3lbs. 15 oz. and 17 in. long. Ryan had only been gone 24-36 hours. There was no obvious reason for his death.

I had just been returned to my room when they asked if I wanted to see Ryan. He was brought in wrapped in a white and blue blanket. I was still groggy from the surgery and don't remember. I touched his face and told him I loved him. I only held him for a minute before he was taken away. I never got to see him again. Jenna was brought in for just a few minutes. Her body temprature would drop when ever she was out of her isolette. Ryan was buried next to my sister in Pennsylvania. We had to stay in Tenneessee with Jenna, as she was still in the NICU.

My parents took care of all the arrangements for Ryans burial. On January 14, 1992, my precious angel, Ryan Edward, was laid to rest.

After not having any reason given to us for Ryans death, we finally learned of one of the possible causes in Oct. of 1998. The pathology report done on his cord and placenta showed a blood clot, which may have resulted in restricted blood flow. We are still wondering why it took over 6 years to get this information, and why we were never informed that these tests were even done.


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