Here is a little about me. I'm 40 years old and have been married to Maggie since 1989. We have two surviving children, Jennifer (9) and Jonathan (4) and reside in central PA.

I grew up in Los Angeles, but have spent time in Germany, Tennessee, and Saudi Arabia before landing here.

I have quite an extended family, which includes an older sister, 9 younger brothers, and 3 younger sisters.

I spent six years in Uncle Sams Traveling Circus (USArmy) and have worked as a service writer for a Honda Motorcycle dealer, a truck driver, and a service manager for a Ford dealer.

I currently work for the PA Department of Corrections as a Corrections Sergeant. It is a very frustrating, yet rewarding occupation.

Some of my interests are Hunting (The animals are safe!), Fishing, Camping and just spending time with the kids.

I'm also a very big racing fanatic. If it has an engine, and can be raced, I'll watch it. Check out my racing links page JJ's Racing Links

There you are, more about me than you probably care to know. Thanks for checking it out.