Welcome to my home. My name is Maggie and I am a W.A.H.M. (Work At Home Mom), who has two surviving children, my beautiful daughter Jenna and my little bug Jonathan. Please visit their rooms too.

Jenna's Room

Jonathan's Room

I am an independent sales representative for AVON.

Feel free to visit their site, and if you see something you like, e-mail me at Ryansangel

I also moderate an E-Mail discussion group for Parenting Toddlers and Beyond. Please feel free to join our discussions on topics regarding the Parenting of Toddlers and Beyond.

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I have been married to Bill, who is a Corrections Sergeant, since 1989 and we now reside in Central Pennsylvania. It's a great area to live in and to raise kids.

My Hubbys Place

I love to search the web for freebie sites. Here are a few I found that do send you interesting items for free.

Free Sample Club

Jelly Bellies

Your Daily Freebies

Free 2b's Fantastic New Freebies

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