Hello there! My name is Jonathan (my friends call me Jon) and I am 4 years old. I really like cartoons like Rugrats and Cat-Dog and PBS shows like TeleTubbies and Sesame Street. I'm learning to like football and baseball and am nuts about any type of raceing. Tony Stewart (#20 Homedepot)is my favorite NASCAR driver. I have met two a couple of local drivers that race ARCA and Hooters Procup and always root for them when they race.

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I have a 9 year old sister named Jenna, (visit her room) but I call her sissy, and feel it is my duty to terrorize her every chance I get.

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I'm what Doctors call a "Special Needs" kid. I have some delays in my development and need a litle extra help with some things. I'm improving everyday and my Dad says I'm soooo bad now. I have graduated from my therapy and now only get speech. It's been a long, slow road but I've had fun and love being mobile. Mom hates my climbing abilities now, but hey, I'm all boy! I sure will miss both my therapists, we had lots of fun playing together. I still get speech therapy but thankfully that is soon to be done too. I really am soooo bad!

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I hope you liked my room. My Dad and I have been working on it and have almost all my favorite things added now.

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