Hi there! My name is Jennifer (my parents call me Jenna) and this is the room my dad made for me. It's pretty cool and has some links to my favorite things. We will be adding more as I tell him what I want.

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I am 9 years old and am in Fourth Grade now. I have a 4 year old brother named Jonathan, who I love with all my heart (don't tell him) even though he is a bratty little pest at times. I have been diagnosed with what is now called "Early Childhood Onset Bipolar Diease", as well as ODD and ADHD. The Bipolar causes me to have rapid mood swings, ranging from periods of being quite depressed to extreme periods of rage. This condition, which is not something that one can control without medication, is something that my parents and I have struggled with since I was born. Now, with my medication (Depakote) and visits with my Therapist Leslie I am learning to control my emotions. I encourage everyone to learn all they can about this, as it is something that effects far more young kids than even the so-called Professionals will admit.

Jenna and Jonathan's Pictures

Jonathan's Room

As you can tell I really love Angels. That is because I have my own personal Angel watching over me. I am a "twinless" twin, which is someone who's twin sibling has died and gone to heaven. My brother Ryan is my very own guardian Angel!

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I hope you like my home. My dad and I will be building on soon. Thank you for stopping in.

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