Image Copying Hints

This is one way of copying images you may find on the web to use on your own site. The main thing to remember is that, if an image is copyrighted, be sure to secure permission prior to copying the image.

The first step is to have the FTP for which ever Web site provider you have chosen. You will need this in order to transfer the information to your site.

To start out, you need the URL (Page Address) of the page the image is located on.

Find a Web Page verifier. I use Doctor HTML v5.

There are other good ones available, but this one is I use. Go to the "Single Page Analysis" page, enter the URL of the page you which to verify, then click on the go button.

When the page info appears, scroll up to Image Syntax, click on the URL of the image you want. When the image appears, hit info key (F6 on wired keyboard), and copy URL of image.

Next, you need to go to a Transloader to change the URL from the site to one unique to you. I use Star Boulavard

As with the Verifier, there are many good Transloaders on the web, but this is the one I use.

Once in the Transloader site, Enter the URL of the image in the Source URL area, (you did write it down I hope) Rename it what ever you wish to, (I suggest something simple) Enter the rest of the info it asks for, (This is where you need the FTP of your host) click on the transload button, be patient as it may take a few minutes to complete the transload process. Be sure to follow all the instructions. Once completed, you can go to your site, the image will be stored there, and you just add it to your site.

Thats pretty much it for Image Copying. Any questions about this, feel free to e-mail me. If you know an easier way than this, please let me know and I'll update this page.